Learn to harness automation and earn on the go with everything you need to know about branding, marketing, advertising, business ownership and management in this complete strategy training package.

The basics of what's involved to do business in the digital space.

The benefits of working for yourself and having the freedom to work from anywhere while harnessing automation.

Details on the value of what's provided in this program (over 20k) and why it's different from the rest.

Testimonials from real people using this program and why they love it!

How I can help and why working with someone who already knows what they're doing is the way to go.

How ANYONE can do this with the tools provided and why now is the best time to make the move.

Could Digital Marketing be for you?


With two master's degrees, I worked in the corporate world as an underpaid employee and missed out on our kids milestones in their schools. I just wanted a plan B. But in less than 15 months I quit my full-time job and my husband stopped his 2 other jobs. Now we are more relaxed, spend more time with our kids, help family back in Africa.

- Nina -

This business is such a blessing!

Goodbye rushed mornings and late daycare pickups AND my husband stopped working his crazy hours!

- Nikki -

- Eden -

I was working as a sales associate and in maternity leave when saw this business. Because of this I didn't have to go back and I;m able to stay home to take care my 2 boys.

- Nina -

- Nina -

Qualifications for success with this program

- Nina -

The Proving. The Performing. The Pleasing. The Politics. The Presence. And of then course- The Parenting.

It's Overwhelming

Welcome Friend!

I'm Lorah. I help busy moms work smarter by utilizing the internet and my complete business strategy to earn a legit, semi passive digital income. Because you can't buy time, you've got bills to pay and I don't know a mom out there that doesn't wish there was more time in the day.

You’re tired, and not just the I need to binge on Netflix tired (well, that too) but the sick and tired of trying to be everything for everyone, doing ALL OF THE THINGS and maintaining that you're all good.

Being a parent is both the hardest and most rewarding job on the planet. It's really too bad you can't pay the bills with your sweat, love and tears. Whether you sacrifice your time by working as well or sanity (and possibly financial health and relationship) to stay at home is irrelevant to how challenging life can be with all the adult responsibilities.

- Nina -

It makes it feel impossible to be the mom, partner and employee you know you can be, much less indulge in this new selfcare trend that's going on.

There are many misconceptions about working in the digital world, leaving people thinking it's freedoms are beyond their reach. I was no different, continuing to go to that energy draining job for years before breaking.

Traditionally we go to an accredited facility and graduate with knowledge but no guarantee of a position. Then comes the fun part of finding a job and actually learning to apply said skill set. However, the number of highly educated professionals that either can't find a position, find their skills obsolete in this ever evolving world or just don't want to do their job anymore is astronomical. Gone are the days when people kept the same job for 30-50 years, the average person is likely to switch professions 3-5 times in their working career nowadays.

With this system you will learn everything you need to know about branding, marketing, advertising and business management as you apply it. Everything is step by step in this one of a kind business strategy specifically designed, but certainly not limited to, people with little to no technical experience- because I don't think anyone should feel stuck or like they have limited options.

Your greatest resource is your own resourcefulness. A degree and a fancy title are nice but they aren't necessary with a driving source of determination and resourcefulness you can do anything.

- Nina -

The power of the internet is undeniable, if you know how to maneuver it. But falling down the rabbit hole of what to offer and how to bring that thought to life is what stops 90% of those who try and the reason this training was created! This system takes all the guesswork out of the entire process for those who chose to utilize it.

My passion for all things living manifested early in the form of a great love for nature and animals. A rebel of sorts, I danced to the beat of my own drum and didn't really give a damn what anyone thought.

I was also a good kid though so I did all the things, checked the boxes through schooling and life as we are told to do. Regardless I never felt at peace with the 9-5 life despite having followed my dreams and having mad passion for my career in the Veterinary industry.

It was still SO MUCH TIME. Time I was happy to give until I became a parent and I suddenly had so much less of it.

So in July 2019, after 10 years in the industry, I quit! With no real plan aside from regroup and get back at it after living the good life traveling western Canada with my trailer and toddler. However, as I recovered from my 15 years in the workforce I knew I couldn't go back to that life again.

- Nina -

2 years later I am so thankful to no longer be a pawn in the workplace, dictated by their schedule and finally building the life I want. People are often surprised I left my well respected, hard earned career but simply because they fear the unknown, which I totally appreciate. For years I said, is the evil I know worse than the evil I don't at the thought of trying something new, because you just don't know!

I couldn't be more grateful I took the leap and am finally free to be me with the time and energy to actually enjoy my life, my family and all the things we have worked so hard for.

It was scary at first, with a steep learning curve but the best part of all is getting to help others just like me find the same kind of freedom with way less of the struggle with these tested, proven and ever adapting digital marketing methods.

So just to be clear, because your time is valuable, that's why you're here after all, this program may be for you if:

  1. You'd like more time and money to have the freedom to live the life you’d like to.
  2. You are ready to commit to the training and put in the effort required to apply it.
  3. You will manage your business using the extensive support system in place for you.

That's truly the only main criteria- everything else you will need is included in this program

- Nina -

Have you ever wondered why some people succeed and others don't? It's because they start with their why.

Everyone can tell you what they do, most can tell you how they do it but very few can give you a convincing heartfelt reason as to why they do it.

If you know why you want what you want and let that guide you, there is no stopping you.People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it. It can't be the money though- money is a result, not a reason.

It needs to be about the freedom that money can bring and what YOU would do with that freedom.

If you can bring your why, I have got the rest covered.

Drop your name and e-mail address to get access to the free 90 minute info session on what is included, why you should work with us and testimonials from other people already successfully using this system to create a digital side hustle with uncapped potential and a unparalleled support system!

Drop your name and e-mail address to get access to the free 90 minute info session on what is included, why you should work with us and testimonials from other people already successfully using this system to create a digital side hustle with uncapped potential and a unparalleled support system!

- Nina -

Why work with me?

I'm a nobody gets left behind kind of girl. It's not all sunshine and rainbows but I'm here to keep you on track and motivated!

I'm just like you, I had no idea what I was doing when I got started, so I can guarantee I've asked it all.

I'm honest to a fault, so if I don't think this program is a good fit for you I'll let you know prior to any commitments.

The last thing I want is you to buy my training and do nothing with it. I'm in this for you- not the money and loyal AF

Running your own business is hard, with my help and one on one coaching you don't have to do it alone.

I love nature and animals, was raised on the prairies and spend my days dancing in the kitchen, loving my babies and helping people create financial and time freedom.

I loved my career, but I love helping people create futures they didn't think possible too.

- Nina -

Fun Facts About Me

Im still disappointed I didn't get my Hogwarts letter

I spent 10 years as a Veterinary Technologist

I am 33, with 2 kids under 5, a giant dog, 2 silly cats and some fish

I was born and raised in small town Saskatchewan- Canada

I can sing along to almost every Disney song

- Nina -

Knowledge is Power, learning is key. Multiple income streams can set you free!

More reasons To Sign Up

All the technical back office stuff is managed for you with no monthly fees or subscriptions.

Being your own boss and literally able to work from anywhere is truly the shiznat.

With uncapped potential and ever evolving up-to-date training the sky is the limit.

Just so we are clear, there's no selling, hassling relations, inventory or drop shipping crap.

There are numerous tax benefits to having a home based business, keeping more of your earnings in your pocket.

With a semi-passive digital income you can live your life knowing your business is running continually.

Automation is everything

And you still can't buy time, so treat it like the gem it is.

- Nina -

You're ready for a change

This program may be for you if

You would like more time and financial flexibility in your life.

You are looking for a way out of traditional employment.

You are interested in self employment and business ownership.

You are willing to learn new skills and apply them.

You see the potential in social media but don't know what to offer.

You're tired of having to choose between time with family and income.

You're not happy in the 9-5 life and having to work until you are 65.

You'd like to have more freedom in your life to do what YOU want.

You are looking for supplemental income without sales and parties.

You're ready for a fulfilling career of helping others crush their time and financial goals as a business mentor and coach!

Experience Is Not Required

I will get you set up and continue to provide guidance for the lifetime of your business.

Constant Collaboration

Mastermind weekly with successful business owners all over the world to grow your business even faster.

Ongoing support and mentoring at your fingertips.

Professional Guidance

Run your business from anywhere in the world.

Get your business up and running for as little as 2 weeks!


Take your business with you anywhere, anytime.

Self Directed Schedule

You decide when you work no matter what time of the day or night.

Minimal Overhead

An internet connection, laptop and cell phone are all that you need to run your business.

Innovative and Proven System

This unique approach takes the guesswork out of building a successful web-based business.

Business Highlights

What you'll find on the inside

With a 30-day money back garantee you can rest assured you'll be making a fully informed decision prior to any commitment.

Join a community of like minded people and see the proof!

A combined value of over $20,000!

Complete strategy training for:







with more to come.


Email campaign

One on one coaching

Weekly masterminds

Management tools

Automation software

Multiple income opportunites


Skip the polite formalities and dig right into the COMPLETE details by dropping your name and email address then scrolling down to the buy now button. Don't worry, there's 30 days to get a refund so absolutely zero risk to get inside the scoop instantly!

*As with any business, results will vary.

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